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INFRASONGE is an experimental project of creation & research about ASMR by french composer & sound designer Jonathan Fitas that have led to several creations including Soundscapes, Live Performance...

I've started this project in 2015 after I've concluded a master dissertation about ASMR at the GRM (Groupe de Recherche Musicale) in Paris.

More than a year after, a dozen of soundscapes posted on YouTube, several hours of content uploaded and following great international reception, especially in the USA and France, I've decided to get this project to the next level and I'm now working on an installation/live performance for INFRASONGE.

April 2017 : I was interviewed in the first mention of ASMR on french TV (BFMTV)

In May 2017, at the heart of Montpellier Opera, I've been the sound designer of a live surround performance of PARIS ASMR that we've done for "Ouverture", a series of pieces imagined by Tal Isaac Hadad.

To get the most out of this video and the binaural content used in it, please wear a pair of headphones.

About the Project

"The INFRASONGE project encourages both relaxation and contemplation. The works in this channel are like paintings with sound. Like a canvas smudged with fuzzy bass drones where delicate sound objects are transformed into gentle sonic giants through the magnifying effect of close-microphone recording. We are immersed into virtual soundscapes of immense depth. Something crinkles very near you, right inside your head, while your listening eye is given a glimpse of a quiet distant ocean, with waves ebbing and flowing miles away."


INTERVIEW: INFRASONGE | A Sonic Journey from ASMR to Contemplative Soundscapes

INFRASONGE is on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Also, you can follow updates on the project on Twitter and Facebook.

What is ASMR?

To get the most out of this video and the binaural content used in it, please wear a pair of headphones.

ASMR describes a phenomenon that triggers a physiological pleasure response often describe as tingles traveling through the body triggered by specific stimulations that can be visual, tactile and often audio and occur when the spectator is in an pleasant situation. Comparison is oftently made with the "frisson" phenomenon in music, this response to an intense, pleasing and moving musical moment, though it is not the same sensation.

A community then rised around this phenomenon since 2007, mostly in the USA, now also worldwide in the shape of youtube videos to induce the well-being feeling and a meditative and relaxing state. The trend is getting so popular that we now see brands using ASMR inducing content in commercials.

Who am I?


Hi, I'm Jonathan Fitas, the composer & sound designer behind INFRASONGE.

        I'm a Paris-based composer and I've been working worldwide as a film composer for more than 6 years now, working with directors, production companies and creative people that have the same interest as I do as to get the best out of this relationship between music, sound and picture.

       Be it for personal or commercial projects, since I begun this journey, I've been in love with the intricate way music and sound can work and drive emotions with pictures.

      Classically trained with more than 15 years of violin I now explore a lot of different inspirations to create something that ultimately will move me and others.

INFRASONGE is one of my personal project.

My other works are at

If you've fallen on this page searching about ASMR or INFRASONGE , chances are that you might not know me.


For all inquiries :

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