"TRAILBLAZERS" - Schaeffler's Bio-Hybrid

December 20, 2016

2016 is coming to a close with the feeling of an upcoming year full of new adventures. Somehow, the new futuristic electric bike from Schaeffler encapsulates this : Exploring new horizons, new ways of thinking.


I've been really happy to score the soundtrack for this film produced by Stereoscreen because more than a product, it carries an idea of innovation, originality and optimism and that's what I felt straight ahead when I first read the script. I tried to convert these ideas through music as well.



Articulated around a piano and violin theme that I recorded in my studio, it led to 2 versions, the one presented above, more acoustic, and another one, a longer version with more percussive and electronic elements, that will eventually be uploaded on my soundcloud.


Happy end of year holiday and see you in 2017.


"Only those who go their own way cannot be overtaken…"




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